Examples of Some Companies Marvellous Mangement of Social Media Crisis’

04 Jan

For my final post, I through it would be interesting to look at today’s radically changing environment where we hear increasingly about brands disastrous management of social media crisis. However, to end on a positive note, I wanted to take a moment to show you all some heart warming examples of brands which have resolved (and prevented) this tragedy by doing things right.

A few months ago, DKNY found themselves in a outstandingly dangerous online situation which could went viral rapidly, however, they handle the situation promptly, directly, responsibly, honestly, and strategically, through their effective management plan and boom crisis averted!! Here’s a snap shot of the scene and how they superbly handled it:



Likewise, another example is Oreo cookies (Kraft Foods) who are a company recognised for making history today in a fun and playful way through celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. I’m sure you’ll all remember last summer they posted one of the most controversial images of its kind: a rainbow stuffed cookie for Gay Pride month. In addition, they received some unexpected backlash from people who feel strongly about the issue, nevertheless, the majority of its loyal fans stuck by them even defending them on their social media sites. This is a learning experience all of you, as if your fans are willing to help you handle a problem online, your brand is doing marketing right through genuine online engagement.

Finally, Burger King who let’s face it are an incredibly unexpected example of a controversial company had major crisis on their hands when a picture of an employee standing on lettuce began trending on internet sites. The company came under severe scrutiny by people who enjoy eating at Burger King who expressed their understandable disgust at the image.  However, the company obviously had a crisis response plan in place allowing them to them to act quickly to remove the problem and to put mechanisms in place to ensure it didn’t happen again. Finally, they actively responded to customers online with this message: ““Food safety is a top priority at all Burger King Restaurants and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any violations such as the one in question.”

I strongly believe if you guys follow the leads these examples of exceptional crisis aversion management plans, ye will be just as successful at handling any future crisis’ on the horizon.   I hope ye enjoyed my blog and if ye have any further queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to ye asap. Last words of advice plan, be fast and allows remain apologetic to customers.

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4 responses to “Examples of Some Companies Marvellous Mangement of Social Media Crisis’

  1. addamboi

    January 5, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Hey Amy, interesting post, I liked the DKNY response even though they were too scabby to donate the $100,000 suggested haha. Just wondering if you think it is essential for any company operating on Twitter or Facebook to have a full time team of people devoted to crisis aversion? They would probably not be needed for most of the year but without them it could be the case that a potential crisis is missed? What do you think?

  2. amysdcu

    January 6, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Hey Adam,
    Yes I think that’s a really relevant point. In my own personal opinion, I believe it depends largely on the size of the company. I think for larger companies its definitely a very important element to integrate and for big and small companies reputation is so important, especially in today current climate as word of month is one of the best forms of advertising. Therefore overall I believe one person in a companies should be assignment the task. Thanks a million for the comment.

    Amy Sheils

  3. vish91

    January 13, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    Hey Amy, Fantastic Article. Crisis aversion is an important priority for firms especially when it comes to social media because it doesn’t take much time for contents to go viral. So do you think there is a crisis aversion framework on the way for the future where firms can apply with out much complexity?

    • amysdcu

      January 14, 2014 at 12:18 pm

      Hey Vish,
      Thanks for the post. Yes I absolutely do its a fantastic idea and I truly believe that vast majority of companies would really benefit from such a framework along with the steps I have laid out in the previous to posts. I hope that answers your question.

      Kind regards,
      Amy Sheils


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