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Viral and WOM Actions


Shockingly Viral marketing, word-of-mouth (WOM) or “buzz marketing” are all deems to be identical terms. Who’d have thought that and why is this you ask? The main aim of all, is to pass on marketing messages to other sites or users, creating a potentially mass exploitation of message’s both visibility or in text on the web.

Viral Marketing occurs on a range on social media sites such the popular Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even Blogs. Facebook has an outstanding 1 billion active users with a leadership position in 127 out of 137 countries in the world while Twitter has an astonishing total of 554,750,000 register users in the world.

You may ask, how does social media link to Web 2.0? Social media has provided consumers with their own unique voice, not as passive respondents of the past web 1.0 relationship, but as active members of brand communities who have the confidence to give their opinions both good and bad.

It allows firms to target very specific segments of people with particular products/services, it entices interaction with the hope of positive customer involvement and satisfaction, allows for mass exposure to over increase sales potential.

Well what are the negative effects? Cluttering, privacy and irrigation due to the high of viral ad’s which may irritate consumers by clutter their news feed. While the potential for deception looms as web has been referred to as ‘a web of deceit’ in relation to advertisers.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss the way to initiate and manage online conversations with customers, the challenges and expectations faced to companies and a wealth of other information including many core examples. If you find this topic interesting tune in next week for some mind blowing findings.


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