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Luckily for ye over my next two blog posts, I am going to discussing ten important steps to effectively handle an online social media crisis.

The first five steps for managing an online crisis:

1. To begin with it’s detrimentally important for the company to act swiftly. Not in a week, not in a month, not in three months. In the same day.

2. The company must address the problem by saying “yes, we realize something has happened”.  No company enjoys revealing to the public that they were wrong but it’s the only way to prevent a crisis for further escalating.  It also ensures the company keeps its credibility in the mind of the customers and its amazing how uttering two little words “I’m sorry”, can make such a difference.

3. It’s imperative to effectively communicate the story. Ensure customers fully understand what’s happened and how it happened from your point of view. If you fail to complete this step people will begin to speculate, therefore generating a poor image of the company.

4. It’s exceptionally important for the company to communicate where the crisis occurred, E.g. If the crisis initiated on Facebook, respond on Facebook first and then circulate the message on other platforms. An example of when this step was poorly executed was in 2012, when Kellogg’s during a Facebook-fueled crisis about the soy ingredients of their Kashi brand, responded with a YouTube video, which got no traction whatsoever.

5. The company should consider hiring a communications expert, who has a deep knowledge and experience in managing such issues or crisis’. This may include people work in public relations firms who specialize in crisis communication or reputation management.

Turn in next time to find out the remaining five steps to appropriately handle a social media crisis.

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Steps for Managing a Social Media Crisis?

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