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What Characterizes a Social Media Crisis?

Ten Steps for Managing an Online Crisis

One of the key elements in order to successfully militate against social media crisis is to have a pre-crisis planning. The main advantage is it acts as a lifeguard mode, and there are four elements of it:

The first involves utilizing social media software which is highly valuable for listening to customers online, as it’s hard to deal with a crisis if you can’t find. There are 5 categories of social media software::

  • Social Listening Software (Monitoring Software) -Radian 6
  • Social Conversation Software (Engagement Software)-  Argyle Social
  • Social Marketing Software (Management Software)-Wildlife
  • Social Analytic Software – Adobe/ Omniture
  • Social Influencer SoftwareAppinions.

The second is set a listening protocol. This is essential in order to fully understand who from your company is listening on the social web? When and for what are they listening?

Thirdly, many organisations do not understand what a real social media crisis is; hence, I have broken it down into three characteristics:

  • A social media crisis has information asymmetry: This is prevalent when the company fails to understand or know anymore than the public about what’s going on.
  • A social media crisis is a decisive change from the norm: Many organisations are heavily criticized such as Nike or Apple for their labour practices. This is normal, however, when a different line of criticism occurs, it’s a sign of a social media crisis.
  • A social media crisis has a potentially material impact on the company overall: Something insignificant like someone twitting about a minor mistake by a company isn’t a crisis. However, if someone is tweeting about a gunman taking over a restaurant; it is definitely characterized as a social media crisis (Scope and scale are important aspects).

Finally, the fourth includes creating a crisis flowchart that specifies who in your organization should be contacted in different scenarios,  the more acute the issue is, the more senior the responder.

Tune in next to learn, the steps to take when a real social media crisis occurs.


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